The market leader in Resistors, Sensors,
Heaters, Circuit protecion

We supply electronic passive components

URT is one of leading supplier of resistive technology, sensors and circuit protection.

With an engineering pedigree in electronic industry, we are in the position to design, develop and produce resistors, ntc, ptc, heaters and circuit protecion for any application.

Our global facilities in China, India and Taiwan with the support of local offices in Milan, HK and Taiwan can offer solution for any market sector.

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Latest news

Sensing and control resistors market

14 Apr 2024 News

URT announce today that entered in the market of sensing and control

Solid State Relay electronic components

14 Feb 2023 News

Today URT announce the expantion of product portfolio adding Solid State Relay (SSR)

ECG table pubblication

20 Mar 2022 News

Urt Launch antisurge special wirewound resistor for cable protection in ECG

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Our group is a leading manufacturer of resistive components.

We combine more than 50 years of experience and skills.

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